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Monday, April 28, 2003

Well, Hal Sparks well out-performed my expectations tonight (especially given that his big daily double was on an ultra-straight male question). Paige Davis proved that she was less than fantastic at this sort of thing. Julie just made adumb mistake in final Jeopardy where she could and should have put it away.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Ah. The high point of the year--"Celebrity Jeopardy." My picks?

Monday: Julie Bowen ("Ed") vs. Hal Sparks ("Queer As Folk") vs. Paige Davis ("Trading Spaces")

Um...not exactly the strongest of the week. If the questions have a musical theatre bent, Paige Davis could surprise, but normally, she looks pretty vacant. If they wanted someone from "TS" who could REALLY compete, why not pick up Vern Yip or Amy Wynn Pastor, who seem like they have more than 5 functioning brain cells. Sparks, I'm betting, is the quintisential Celebrity J! contestant and winds up walking around the set. Bowen wins, probably pretty easily.

Tuesday: Wayne Brady ("Whose Line?") vs. Vivica A. Fox (various movies) vs. Ashton Kutcher ("That 70s Show")

Wayne Brady. No questions here. Fox was surprising a few years back on "WWTBAM," but that was with "cheating." Kutcher? "Dude, where's my money?" (Although his haircut makes him look much less moronic.)

Wednesday: Brad Paisley (Country Singer) vs. Linda Park ("Enterprise") vs. Will Estes ("American Dreams")

The DEFINITIVE B List matchup of the week! Who are these people? Who cares? Um--I'm gonna guess Paisley, because singers often surprise, but who knows?

Thursday: Chris Matthews ("Hardball") vs. Lauren Graham ("Gilmore Girls") vs. Paul McCrane ("ER")

Ooooh--this one should be a lot of fun. McCrane has done REALLY well here in the past, Graham must have at least some sort of brain to pull off the dialogue she has to pull off, and Matthews, even if he's a pompous ass, seems to know something beyond what he sees on a teleprompter. Matthews gets his ego punctured, McCrane wins, and Graham puts on a decent showing.

Friday: Jeff Probst ("Survivor") vs. CCH Pounder ("Strong Medicine") vs. Joshua Malina ("The West Wing")

The more pop-culture-y it is, the stronger Probst will be. The more "hard knowledge" it is, the stronger Malina will be. Pounder is a wild card. My guess is that it comes down to Final Jeopardy, and the category there may well determine the winner. I'm saying Malina, but it'll depend on the board.

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