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Friday, November 07, 2003

Do you think George Bush is "a wanker?" Express it your views with fine products available here. My favorites are the lunchbox and the "classic thong" (as opposed to the post-modern thong).

Just when you think theatre can't sink any the wake of Mamma Mia ("The ABBA Musical!") and We Will Rock You! ("The Queen Musical!") comes, Tonight's the Night: The Rod Stewart Musical. The plot? "A shy Rod Stewart fan tries to win over the girl he loves by imitating his hero, and is tempted by the devil." I suppose it's better than Jerry Springer: The Opera. It ALMOST makes you long for Cats.

Attack of the Killer Tomaccos

Mmmmm...lethal plant hybrid experiment based on Simpsons episode. Look here for more details.

Courtesy of TV Tattle.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Now we're getting to the issues that REALLY matter--from CNN:

"Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts would have taken out his tiring pitcher if he had been manager of the Boston Red Sox in Game Seven of the American League Championship series."

More once the transcript gets posted.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Annoyance of the day--my firm (and through it I) do a substantial amount of work for a fairly well known movie company. Therefore, the partner and the mid-level associate that do a lot of work for the company are going to an advance screening tonight of a little movie you might have heard of--The Matrix Revolutions. But do I get any of this? Noooo. The best swag I've gotten was when I was sent to visit another client, a major liquor importer/distributor, and they sent me home with three bottles of my choice. The irony? I rarely ever drink. [sigh]

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