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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Before I do my "ten best" list--I finished up my 2003 movies with "Monster" this weekend (mediocre movie, incredible performance by Charlize Theron)--time for "Ten Movies I Missed." In no particular order:

"Capturing the Friedmans"--I just never was in the mood for a movie about accused child molestors.

"21 Grams"--Dark and heavy. Just what I want on a Friday night after a 60 hour week at work.

"The Station Agent"--"A dwarf and a lady walk into a train station..." Sounds more like the start of a joke than the start of a movie.

"House of Sand And Fog"--The reviews killed this one for me. Even though they said the performances were great, they said the movie was ultra-depressing.

"Bend It Like Beckham"--Ok. I just missed this one. Don't have a good excuse.

"Whale Rider"--Just did not interest me. I like small films. I like "girl power" films (heck, I think Jamie Lee Curtis should get an Oscar nod over Diane Keaton), but I just wasn't interested.

"The Missing" and "Open Range"--I've never liked westerns. Perhaps that's connected with being subjected to the hell that is "Shane" in seventh grade. "Shane! Shane! Come back, Mistah Shane!"

"Thirteen"--Again, just missed it, because I was awfully busy around the time it was in theatres.

"The Human Stain"--Again, it was the reviews. Now, I wouldn't have minded seeing Nicole Kidman and Jacinda Barrett take off their clothes, but the reviews made it sound turgid.

My top 10 (and performances of the year) will follow this week. Wait with baited breath!

Friday, January 23, 2004

I am neither a gung ho supporter of Howard Dean, nor a guy who thinks that Dean is an utter ranting loon (though the YYEEEARRRGGGHHH! speech gives me certain concerns on the latter front). However, what Dean's campaign has to acknowledge now is that it's in a hole. Here's how to fix it:

1. Screw NH. Pack up. Get out. The story is not going to be "Dean wins NH" unless Dean wins by 10 or more points, which seems unlikely at best now. The story out of NH is going to be bad for Dean no matter what, and polls are showing that Dean has enough devoted supporters that he shouldn't have an embarassing finish.

2. Focus on Super Tuesday. The absolute, must-win primary for Dean right now is NY. Get Bill Bradley and Al Gore to start running around with Dean doing media events in the NYC area. Organize GOTV efforts in particularly Dean-friendly communities (such as the gay community).

3. Sell your soul to Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton controls at least 10% of the primary vote in SC and NY (and historically, in his mayoral races, polling data has well understated Sharpton's drawing power). Promise Sharpton whatever the hell he wants (probably a cabinet or ambassadorial position) in exchange for his endorsement. With his endorsement, Dean can run a close second in SC, knocking out either Kerry or Clark, and fight with Edwards in the rest of the South.

Of course, the third one probably kills any chance of actually winning the presidency, but that's the least of the Dean campaign's concerns right now.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I'm not a big fan of Matt Drudge, but the Howard Dean audio clip from last night that's available there is PRICELESS.

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