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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Two separate media thoughts.

My god, "Twisted," the new Ashley Judd movie is just awful. There are a few interesting moments, but overly arty touches and jump-cuts, added to a nonsensical conclusion in which Judd's character is accused of murder, the REAL murderer helps her get out of jail, and she STILL doesn't figure out what's going on until it's too late. What a waste of talent all around.

On the TV side--I was a little fightened when I first heard and read about "Joan of Arcadia." I was worried we were going to have "Touched By An Angel" redux. Instead, we're getting an odd cocktail of "Gilmore Girls," "My So-Called Life," and a above average cop show. Yes, some of the plot threads, like the older brother's "I'm in a wheelchair, dammit!" plotline, grow tiresome. However, the cast, with the possible exception of Jason Ritter, is top-notch from top to bottom (especially delightful recurring characters like Joan's best friend Grace, the punky daughter of the local RAbbi, and Glynis, the adorable geek-y chick who is dating Joan's younger brother, and of course, the great Kathryn Joosten as "Mrs. Landing-God").

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